“Spaw” Extras!

Anal Gland Expression – $20

Provided by our trained personnel. External only.

Blueberry Facial – $7.50

Our signature all-natural tearless face wash contains soothing ingredients such as blueberry and oatmeal to help reduce the appearance of tear stains and leave your pup’s face smelling clean and fresh!

Ear Cleaning – $9.50

Our veterinarian-tested ear wipes help wipe away dirt, odor, and wax to prevent irritation that could cause infection. Ask one of our team members to either provide you with these wipes or clean your pup’s ears for you!

Flea & Tick Bath – $25

Our extra-strength flea and tick shampoo will kill any live fleas or ticks on contact and leave your pet’s coat with a nice, healthy sheen!

Flea & Tick Bath Plus – $49.50

Help protect your pet from fleas and ticks for up to one month. This package includes a flea & tick medicated bath, moisturizing coat conditioner and application of 30 day topical flea & tick control.

Lavish Your Pet – $35

The perfect way to pamper your pet! This package includes your choice of five different aromatherapy-based shampoos as well as a moisturizing paw and pad treatment, tooth brushing, and our signature blueberry facial finished off with a unique aromatherapy scented spray to leave your pet looking, feeling, and smelling their absolute best!

Nail Trim – $29.50

One of our team members will clip and file your pup’s nails to guarantee a short, smooth cut!

Pad Balm Treatment – $9.50

A soothing, all-natural balm is applied to your pup’s pads. Like chap stick, pad balm helps to moisturize and protect paw pads against abrasion and dryness.

Shed Less – $20 and up

Available as an add on to any We Wash or Grooming service, the shed less package includes a combination of specific brushing techniques and unique de-shedding products designed to remove loose undercoat of any coat type.

Skunk Less – $49.50

Got Skunk? We can help! Using our special combination of de-skunking products and techniques we can dramatically reduce the skunk smell on your dog. *Note: best results are achieved if we treat the dog before any other steps have been taken.

Tooth Brushing – $9.50

One of our team members will use our specially formulated toothpaste to clean your pup’s teeth followed up by an anti-plaque and tarter treatment and finished off with a fresh breath spray!